Here lately, besides taking time off for the fair and baling hay, Big Nephew and I have been clearing pasture. I am sure we are going at a snails pace compared to more experienced operators, but we are certainly making progress!


He’s the dozer operator. I am what you would consider the supervising grunt. We work really well together. I get him started moving something, and then while he is getting it in the pile, I pick up the bigger ‘sticks’ that are left behind.


Ok they are really not sticks. Like small branches. But half of them are so rotten that they actually don’t weigh anything.


The hillside is looking much better and now Brother will be able to run through it with the Bushhog mower and tractor.


And we will be able to have some bonfires! I really like jobs that when you are done you can walk away and look back and see how much you got done. Makes being exhausted feel a lot better!