Baa Baa White Sheep

Have you any wool?


Actually yes, he does. Junior got his wool cut Thursday. I have some of the most amazing friends! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get Junior ready for the fair. I can trim goats myself, but I know nothing about shearing sheep.


Well, that is until that night. I learned a lot. I put a plea on Facebook for anyone that knew how shear a lamb. One of my good friends came up and offered to help me out. He had a stand and clippers and offered to come Thursday night. Then the hot streak came. I was getting worried about Junior, but then I had to worry about my friend having to shear a sheep in this heat. I am thankful for the breeze we had. It sure helped.


He looks so funny with his fuzzy head. But my goodness what a difference. I learned that I should have probably clipped him sooner, just a rough clip so that when my good friend got here its simply a trim job. He also showed me where I should have banded his tail. I love when people are willing to share their knowledge.


Junior did a great job standing through the ordeal. Then my good friend even helped show Denton a little about how to walk him and helped him work on how to show! That was more than I could have asked for. Besides that I got to sit and chat with his wife and dad. I can’t say how much I appreciate them coming to help us!





And Junior looks pretty darn handsome!

Fair 2016, Friday-Day 1

Well it has begun. I say Day 1, but it is really more of a set up day. Just the Chickens and Sheep went tonight.


Junior settled right in and seemed happy to finally be around other sheep. He started eating and had a drink. Then he took a couple jumps.


We took 3 chickens this year. Polly, the German spitzhauben, the white cochin, and our light brahma. They are all settled in as well. We then went to the rabbit barn and goat barn to see where we are going to be unloading tomorrow. Then I went and got most of our groceries for the week of camping.


Of course, we snuck to the food stand for a quick bite to eat. Then off to home to shower and get ready for the real start to the fair!  A lot of work to do tomorrow, so good night!


Friday’s Hunt v2.4

It’s that time again. Friday’s Hunt with my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. This week our prompts are the Letter D, Week’s Favorite, and Summer or Winter. It’s been a hectic week with getting ready for fair and heat advisories and storms and good grief! So here we go…


Diana starts with D. Diana is the daughter of one of my two original goats, Martha. Martha was a pain but man do I miss her. After she passed unexpectedly a couple years ago, I was worried that is something happened to Diana I wouldn’t have Martha’s bloodline anymore. I am sure praying that Diana is breed so I can hopefully keep a doeling out of her. I love mother daughter pairs and watching them interact. Even after they have been weaned and separated for months, they find each other immediately.

20160714_114705 (2)


My Week’s Favorite are the two pictures I took of the weed Queen Anne’s Lace. I don’t like it towards the end of summer when it turns into little tiny annoying sticker burrs that get everywhere and are nearly impossible to get out of clothing. But right now? It’s awful pretty.


We are in the middle of a Summer heat wave. It is unbearable to some. I don’t mind it, other than I don’t like wet jeans. I especially don’t like wet, sweaty jeans. But how can you complain when you are ‘forced’ to work in such beauty, day after day, with people you love? Yes, my blessing are all around me!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Real Feels

The weather people seem to be making up words to use. The ones we watch regularly have recently been using “pop up showers” and “spotty sprinkles” to explain rain they didn’t predict. This week they came up with “real feels”. I think this is in place of heat index. Well, we have been under Excessive Heat Warning and will be until the end of the week. I expect no less since the 4-H Fair starts Friday. Today is going to be the hottest day of the year. The weather people get all panicky. I wonder if they every consider that there has to be a warmest day of every year. There is a coldest one too.

Today is supposed to 98* with “real feels” of 115* Yesterday was only 95* with “real feels” of 105*. The humidity was high, but the work must be done. What do we do on days like that?

20160720_134849.jpgClean out the calving barn of course.


With a wheelbarrow. It was a sweaty job, but honestly, what a great workout! Lots of water made the day go a lot better.

Do make sure you are checking on elderly relatives and neighbors during this hot stretch. Make sure your pets have access to plenty of water and shade. I personally don’t mind the heat. I would rather be hot than face the alternative. But maybe that’s just me!


One of those days

I think I explained that my old Boggs (mud/snow boots) had a hole in them. SIL ordered new ones and they came right away. I love these boots, surprisingly warm in the winter and not hot in the summer. I was very excited to not have to go through the summer with wet feet every time I had to step in the creek. Brother sent me out to get another section ready for the cows. First up. Put the gap in. This should not have been a problem. Except I only had my old boots in the truck. My first thought was dang it, wet socks.


It ended up that the creek was about knee deep, so I was actually glad I had my old boots! New boots didn’t need to get all wet inside. Instead of just wet socks, I ended up with wet jeans and half full boots. So I headed back to Sisters house for dry socks and my trusty cowboy boots.


It was just one of those days for me. Trusty cowboy boots ended up covered in mud when I slipped into almost knee deep mud. Geez.


In the middle of all this, I picked Mom a bouquet of wild flowers. They are her favorite and Dad would often bring her some. Of course this day was about 90 with high humidity and these didn’t make it back to the truck. Luckily I took a picture of it for her.

Checking Cows

Big Nephew and I were sent out to check fences and cows after a storm came through the other day. Bet that’s what we get to do again tomorrow, since it rained, a lot again today.

It was a nice day, sunny and not to terribly warm.


Thankfully the fence was all ok, except one gap. I think a deer took it down.


The open meadow is so beautiful with all the wild flowers in it.

Cow and Bull cooling off in the creek


Finding cows is sometimes a difficult job. They tend to hide. I don’t think they really are hiding, it just feels that way when you are looking for them.


They can be really spread out or all together. Can you see the cow?

20160718_112607 (3)

How about now?

20160718_112607 (2)

She’s there. There are actually about 10 behind her in the brush. Note how she doesn’t seem to care that I am walking up to her. I have been calling them trying to get them to beller, but no, not today. They decided today we actually had to come find them.

It’s hard when we have to split up. Big Nephew found 16. I found the other 12. When we met up, we went over all the numbers he had found to see if they were all there. Thankfully we had seen them all. No, going back in search of more today.

Well the weekend

So weekends are supposed to be relaxing is what I have heard. I do not find that to be true. I find them rushed and full most of the times. This weekend was just that. Full of busy work. Nothing hard or difficult, just stuff that needs done.

First my weekend started by hang out hanging out with this guy. I decided to let him try driving. The smile is probably an indication he shouldn’t be!


Actually his smile is totally worth it. He did a really good job and did really well.

We had small surprise waiting for us when we got home. I thought the cat was acting funny, and then I heard a strange noise. I went into the chicken pen and checked o my half grown chicks. Sometimes they get a little whiney if they get separated from each other. But they were all three there. Wait, what the…


Yup, not only had the cat found a duckling, we had 10!!  Harley the Welsh Harlequin duck finally hatched a nest! This is her fourth nest and first hatching. We are trying to figure out how old she is exactly, but we do know that Affleck the Pekin duck is 2 years old, so we are guessing her at 3 or 4. Good for the two of them, but I don’t need/want 10 ducklings!

Then Saturday was spent running around trying to find stuff for showing at the fair this next week and not finding what we need. Geez. That is frustrating. Then we worked with animals and then we headed out to help a friend with a little work. The boys had convinced me that we should use our season pass at the pool so we headed there. After they had their fill there, I headed back to get some work done. The next couple hours were a mess. I needed to move Hubby’s “work” truck from the driveway so I could mow. Of course I had to pump up the tire first, but then it wouldn’t start. so I brought the charger out and hooked it up. Still nothing. So while I was waiting I thought I would mow. That worked for a bit until I threw the belt that runs the blades. Great. Park the mower and realize the tire was flat on the truck again. It did start, so I let it run and ran over to a neighbor that has his air pump out for anyone to use. Fill the air tank again. Pump up the tire. Truck won’t move. I am not stopping now. Gun it. It moves, but I am almost certain the back tire is not turning. Whatever. I am moving this truck. I did finally get it moved. Now, with a broken belt I can not only NOT mow, but wouldn’t you know, that tire stayed up all day. No worries, I bought an air compressor tonight. I am not doing that again.

Sunday dawned rainy. But Madelyn and I headed out to do chores, our neighbors chores, and then off to our first swap meet. I think we suck at swap meets. I took Dazzle the Holland lop because she is over the show weight limits and has not once had a litter of kits despite being exposed a number of times. Then we also caught 7 of the 10 baby duck because we want to let Harley raise a few, and took them with us. Of course, they sold right away, with their cage and we ended up buying with that money 3 more New Zealand Does. Good grief. But they are sweet and cute and fun colors.

Madelyn’s unnamed
Denton’s named Nibbles
Landon’s or mine(we are debating this) he like Oreo I think Spaz fits her.

So really we didn’t make any money, but we didn’t spend any money either. Hopefully next time we can take the rest of the ducks, the baby guinea pigs and more rabbits and not bring anything home!

Then we spent most of the rest of the day getting things lined up for fair and cleaning up the yard and such. We still have a bunch of things on the list but hopefully we can get it all done by Friday.