Friday’s Hunt v2.5

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt! Our prompts this week are the Letter E, Week’s Favorite and Bounce. We have been at the fair all week so some of these might be repeats for a few of you!


The letter E is for Excitement. The fair started off with excitement for this girl. She loves this cat and they again won Champion of the Cat Show. Not bad for a barn cat.


I have 2 for Week’s Favorite. I am in love with this one of Denton and his lamb. Denton can be so sweet and gentle and I think that the picture of him and his lamb walking away might be one of my all time favorites.

20160726_073156 (2)

I caught the girls in a moment of discussion. These three are all about 9 months apart in age. They are quite the crew. I think this friendship will be a life long treasure. I love seeing them together.


I had to go back a while for Bounce. This is George on one of his exercise days. He loves tearing around on the outdoor pen. It is so fun to let them run around in the grass.

Thank you for joining me again for yet another week! Enjoy your weekend, wherever it may take you! Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting Friday’s Hunt for us.


9 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.5

  1. Love the fair..wish I lived somewhere that had them…when I was young…Orlando used to have them…but well…not anymore…but I love Denton and the goat…how charming they look together!

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  2. Had the same, the little guy with his lamb is precious! (don’t tell him I said “little” – lol). Nice to see friendships no matter what age:)
    Have great weekend and see you very soon for SEASONS:)

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  3. What a great series from the fair. I cannot imagine my cats going to the fair and not freaking out. Seriously. Love the boy and his lamb. Very cute. It’s nice to have the girls all getting to do things together at the fair. Cute bouncing bunny! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!

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  4. That’s my kind of bounce! I love rabbits. Congrats to the Girl and the Cat! Both are beautiful. I do love that photo of Denton and the lamb. Truly one of those pictures that’s worth a thousand words.

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