Fair 2016 Wrap Up

What a week. The kids came home with various ribbons and new ideas and plans for next year. The fair is always a fun little vacation for us.

Our camp site


Other side


Most of the crew.

Some of the fun is just hanging out. We don’t get to camp much, so this is fun for the kids.


Food is definitely one of the best things about the fair. We basically make Mom do the food because, well the kids like hers best! This is ‘frog bellies’ which is just fried bread dough and we butter it and sprinkle with sugar. A true family favorite.

But to me what the fair and 4-H is really about is…

Learning confidence
Being brave and doing it yourself.
Being silly.
Family time
Building bonds
20160726_073156 (2)
Making plans and working together.
Learning to love.

If you can learn those things in life you are ahead of the game. Looking back through my picture from this week, I am filled with pride and joy. No we didn’t win every class or lots of trophies, but the kids learned a lot more than any trophy could ever give. And that is after all what it is all about.