Fair 2016, Tuesday(Day 5)

Tuesday is Rabbit and Cattle Show day. It’s a pretty busy day on the fair grounds. It’s a fairly busy day. We started out with our favorite, 3rd Annual Baconfest. The kids love bacon. A Lot!


I got to the table late. The kids had already hit the bacon plate. I got some, and it was delicious!


Mmmm…Blueberry syrup. What a great start to the day.


Start out with Clover Kids Fun Show. This is basically just a chance again for them to get some experience at showing. They simply get to handle their animals and then speak to the judge. Denton was glad he got to show Fluffball.

Then we got into the actual show. First up the bigger breeds/meat rabbits.

Landon, Niece#4, and Madelyn showing their single fryers
Madelyn and Shimmer
Judging Bugs




Since the number of rabbits exhibited was down this year, we were done shortly before 11. That meant I was off again.


Yup, more hay. This time it was Sister’s and mine. It sure raked up nicely!


I had a couple tag alongs. Piper and Nala went with me every single pass I made through the field! Bo wimped out and went and watched from the yard.


The ‘herd’ grazing. Since I was going to be away for the fair and there was fireworks on Friday night, I decided to bring the horses all home. It also made it easier for my friend that was doing chores for me while I am gone.

Once I got done raking, I headed back to where SIL and Big Nephew were baling. But I knew right away something wasn’t right.


First, the baler wasn’t moving and the tractor was shut off. Then Brothers truck sitting there was a dead give away that there was a problem. You can’t see it from this angle but there are 3 people between the tractor and the baler. It broke down, which Brother says is the first time since they have owned this baler. In 10 years and the amount of bales that thing has made, I would say that is freaking amazing!! So we had a little break while brother fixed it and then we were off again.

It was another long, crazy day, but a good one. Until tomorrow!