Fair 2016, Sunday(Day 3)

The days are piling up as we get busy showing. The fair has a way of doing that. But we are having fun and the temperature is coming down a little. For that we are thankful.


Sunday began a with a little fun in the Dueland Pavillion. The United Methodist Church in Nevada runs the food stand and then on Sunday hosts a church service, “Waking up with the Hogs. Yes those are real hogs wandering through the service.


New this year was their offering of free biscuits afterwards at the church stand. It was a really good service and good food!

Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce, because according to the children Sister and I don’t make it right.


After that we went back and started getting dinner ready. Today was spaghetti. After Dinner we had to get kids cleaned up and ready to show. The Meat Goat show was first at 2 pm and then the Dairy Goat Show was at 6pm. The goats all did well and the kids had fun. Even if they didn’t place as high as we hoped.

Madelyn and Zulu


Wynn and Wynona


Diana and Tawny



Walking for the judge.


Showing Diana and Tawny.


Lining up for judging.


Dry Doe class with Dolly and Niece#3 with Pheonix
Indi in the 3 yr to 5 yr in Milk class


Meanwhile, Landon was participating in the Story County Pork Producers Grill Off hosted by the Story County Pork Producers(Our 4-H leader is a member) and Farmland(which is where Dad sold his hogs). This is a new event at the fair. He made an Iowa Chop marinated in Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce, green beans with bacon, and pan fried apples. They were judged on 4 categories, oral presentation of what they made, plate presentation, taste, and then over all on the points they got in the other 3 categories. Landon got first in the 4-H division of Oral Presentation. They like the flavor of his dish, but thought he could use more seasoning. This was one of my favorite new events. He is already planning for next year!


Discussing the plan with Dad.


Presenting the final product to the judges.


Giving his Oral Presentation.


So another busy day down. Off to bed and up early again tomorrow.