Baa Baa White Sheep

Have you any wool?


Actually yes, he does. Junior got his wool cut Thursday. I have some of the most amazing friends! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get Junior ready for the fair. I can trim goats myself, but I know nothing about shearing sheep.


Well, that is until that night. I learned a lot. I put a plea on Facebook for anyone that knew how shear a lamb. One of my good friends came up and offered to help me out. He had a stand and clippers and offered to come Thursday night. Then the hot streak came. I was getting worried about Junior, but then I had to worry about my friend having to shear a sheep in this heat. I am thankful for the breeze we had. It sure helped.


He looks so funny with his fuzzy head. But my goodness what a difference. I learned that I should have probably clipped him sooner, just a rough clip so that when my good friend got here its simply a trim job. He also showed me where I should have banded his tail. I love when people are willing to share their knowledge.


Junior did a great job standing through the ordeal. Then my good friend even helped show Denton a little about how to walk him and helped him work on how to show! That was more than I could have asked for. Besides that I got to sit and chat with his wife and dad. I can’t say how much I appreciate them coming to help us!





And Junior looks pretty darn handsome!