Fair 2016, Friday-Day 1

Well it has begun. I say Day 1, but it is really more of a set up day. Just the Chickens and Sheep went tonight.


Junior settled right in and seemed happy to finally be around other sheep. He started eating and had a drink. Then he took a couple jumps.


We took 3 chickens this year. Polly, the German spitzhauben, the white cochin, and our light brahma. They are all settled in as well. We then went to the rabbit barn and goat barn to see where we are going to be unloading tomorrow. Then I went and got most of our groceries for the week of camping.


Of course, we snuck to the food stand for a quick bite to eat. Then off to home to shower and get ready for the real start to the fair!  A lot of work to do tomorrow, so good night!


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