Real Feels

The weather people seem to be making up words to use. The ones we watch regularly have recently been using “pop up showers” and “spotty sprinkles” to explain rain they didn’t predict. This week they came up with “real feels”. I think this is in place of heat index. Well, we have been under Excessive Heat Warning and will be until the end of the week. I expect no less since the 4-H Fair starts Friday. Today is going to be the hottest day of the year. The weather people get all panicky. I wonder if they every consider that there has to be a warmest day of every year. There is a coldest one too.

Today is supposed to 98* with “real feels” of 115* Yesterday was only 95* with “real feels” of 105*. The humidity was high, but the work must be done. What do we do on days like that?

20160720_134849.jpgClean out the calving barn of course.


With a wheelbarrow. It was a sweaty job, but honestly, what a great workout! Lots of water made the day go a lot better.

Do make sure you are checking on elderly relatives and neighbors during this hot stretch. Make sure your pets have access to plenty of water and shade. I personally don’t mind the heat. I would rather be hot than face the alternative. But maybe that’s just me!