One of those days

I think I explained that my old Boggs (mud/snow boots) had a hole in them. SIL ordered new ones and they came right away. I love these boots, surprisingly warm in the winter and not hot in the summer. I was very excited to not have to go through the summer with wet feet every time I had to step in the creek. Brother sent me out to get another section ready for the cows. First up. Put the gap in. This should not have been a problem. Except I only had my old boots in the truck. My first thought was dang it, wet socks.


It ended up that the creek was about knee deep, so I was actually glad I had my old boots! New boots didn’t need to get all wet inside. Instead of just wet socks, I ended up with wet jeans and half full boots. So I headed back to Sisters house for dry socks and my trusty cowboy boots.


It was just one of those days for me. Trusty cowboy boots ended up covered in mud when I slipped into almost knee deep mud. Geez.


In the middle of all this, I picked Mom a bouquet of wild flowers. They are her favorite and Dad would often bring her some. Of course this day was about 90 with high humidity and these didn’t make it back to the truck. Luckily I took a picture of it for her.

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