Checking Cows

Big Nephew and I were sent out to check fences and cows after a storm came through the other day. Bet that’s what we get to do again tomorrow, since it rained, a lot again today.

It was a nice day, sunny and not to terribly warm.


Thankfully the fence was all ok, except one gap. I think a deer took it down.


The open meadow is so beautiful with all the wild flowers in it.

Cow and Bull cooling off in the creek


Finding cows is sometimes a difficult job. They tend to hide. I don’t think they really are hiding, it just feels that way when you are looking for them.


They can be really spread out or all together. Can you see the cow?

20160718_112607 (3)

How about now?

20160718_112607 (2)

She’s there. There are actually about 10 behind her in the brush. Note how she doesn’t seem to care that I am walking up to her. I have been calling them trying to get them to beller, but no, not today. They decided today we actually had to come find them.

It’s hard when we have to split up. Big Nephew found 16. I found the other 12. When we met up, we went over all the numbers he had found to see if they were all there. Thankfully we had seen them all. No, going back in search of more today.