Well the weekend

So weekends are supposed to be relaxing is what I have heard. I do not find that to be true. I find them rushed and full most of the times. This weekend was just that. Full of busy work. Nothing hard or difficult, just stuff that needs done.

First my weekend started by hang out hanging out with this guy. I decided to let him try driving. The smile is probably an indication he shouldn’t be!


Actually his smile is totally worth it. He did a really good job and did really well.

We had small surprise waiting for us when we got home. I thought the cat was acting funny, and then I heard a strange noise. I went into the chicken pen and checked o my half grown chicks. Sometimes they get a little whiney if they get separated from each other. But they were all three there. Wait, what the…


Yup, not only had the cat found a duckling, we had 10!!  Harley the Welsh Harlequin duck finally hatched a nest! This is her fourth nest and first hatching. We are trying to figure out how old she is exactly, but we do know that Affleck the Pekin duck is 2 years old, so we are guessing her at 3 or 4. Good for the two of them, but I don’t need/want 10 ducklings!

Then Saturday was spent running around trying to find stuff for showing at the fair this next week and not finding what we need. Geez. That is frustrating. Then we worked with animals and then we headed out to help a friend with a little work. The boys had convinced me that we should use our season pass at the pool so we headed there. After they had their fill there, I headed back to get some work done. The next couple hours were a mess. I needed to move Hubby’s “work” truck from the driveway so I could mow. Of course I had to pump up the tire first, but then it wouldn’t start. so I brought the charger out and hooked it up. Still nothing. So while I was waiting I thought I would mow. That worked for a bit until I threw the belt that runs the blades. Great. Park the mower and realize the tire was flat on the truck again. It did start, so I let it run and ran over to a neighbor that has his air pump out for anyone to use. Fill the air tank again. Pump up the tire. Truck won’t move. I am not stopping now. Gun it. It moves, but I am almost certain the back tire is not turning. Whatever. I am moving this truck. I did finally get it moved. Now, with a broken belt I can not only NOT mow, but wouldn’t you know, that tire stayed up all day. No worries, I bought an air compressor tonight. I am not doing that again.

Sunday dawned rainy. But Madelyn and I headed out to do chores, our neighbors chores, and then off to our first swap meet. I think we suck at swap meets. I took Dazzle the Holland lop because she is over the show weight limits and has not once had a litter of kits despite being exposed a number of times. Then we also caught 7 of the 10 baby duck because we want to let Harley raise a few, and took them with us. Of course, they sold right away, with their cage and we ended up buying with that money 3 more New Zealand Does. Good grief. But they are sweet and cute and fun colors.

Madelyn’s unnamed
Denton’s named Nibbles
Landon’s or mine(we are debating this) he like Oreo I think Spaz fits her.

So really we didn’t make any money, but we didn’t spend any money either. Hopefully next time we can take the rest of the ducks, the baby guinea pigs and more rabbits and not bring anything home!

Then we spent most of the rest of the day getting things lined up for fair and cleaning up the yard and such. We still have a bunch of things on the list but hopefully we can get it all done by Friday.