Friday’s Hunt v2.3

Welcome back for Friday’s Hunt v2.3. This week our prompts are the Letter C, Week’s Favorite, and Unique Perspective. Thank you Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting!

For the Letter C I have a creek, so clear and pretty.


For my Weeks Favorite, since all Big Nephew and I have done all week is wander around pastures in search of those pesky bull thistles I have Queen Ann’s Lace.

Pretty flower that unfortunately turns into lots of little stickery burrs.
20160714_114705 (2)
Little Beauties.

Again because we spent most of the week in the timber, and I was constantly looking for thistles, I struggled with Unique Perspective. And then I saw it.


It was right above me all the time. Looking for thistles leads you through all kinds of places because anywhere sun shines a thistle can grow. And this particular pasture has a lot of timber in it.

Thanks for stopping, don’t forget to head over and see all the other participants. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!