More Adventures

It rained Thursday morning so Brother basically gave me the day off. Thankfully we got another .6″ of an inch of much needed rain. He did give me on task to do if it quit raining in the afternoon. It was simple so I took the boys and the dogs with me.


Even though it was again hot and humid, it didn’t really matter. The dogs were loving the creek and the boys were loving having the dogs in the timber.


We wandered through the entire pasture, double checking fence, looking for thistles, and finding fun places to play.


We spent nearly two hours wandering around and had a blast.


I love this picture. It shows not only that they do love each other and can get along. I wish I could have gotten pictures of them helping each other through tough parts on the trail, or waiting for the other one, and even testing deep parts to make sure they could both make it through. It truly made my heart swell. These are the days I will carry with me, I hope they do too.