Adventures in the timber are so much fun! My cousin and her two kids came for a visit to Iowa from Arizona. We were so excited to have them visit! Of course we took them adventuring.


Mom has the perfect place for wandering and playing in the creek. Luckily for us it was about 90 with high humidity! But the kids didn’t seem to mind and the creek did feel good.


They had to play in the mud! It’s like a mud mask for your hands.


And climbing!




And then splashing. This went on for a while.

Then we went and saw the farm animals. They got to see baby bottle calves and baby chicks at Mom’s, the baby goats and all the kinds of birds at Sister’s, and the all the crazy zoo at my house!


Playing with the baby guinea pigs and building them tunnels in blankets.


Who knows what this is about, but Niece#4’s face is priceless!


Both kids wanted to go for rides so poor Chrome came and took them. He’s such a patient boy. He did work up a sweat, but he was sweating standing in the pasture anyway.



They are so much fun and great kids. I loved being able to spend the day with them. I hope they all had a fun filled adventure to Iowa.

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