Summer updates

All the babies are growing really good this summer.

Button with Dill and Mario
Indi with Lincoln and Sonic


The bunnies have grown a lot. We got them weighed and separated into the kids 4-H pens. They weigh anywhere from 2 to 2.65 pounds. Pretty close which is good. We also got them sexed. 8 girls and 1 boy.


The chicks moved into the coop. They are terrified of the duck, so hang out on top of the nests. I had to add a feeder and water up there. But they are getting more adventurous and at least getting to the roost sometimes. They are still letting me pet them.


Junior is big. He was a little dramatic when I banded him the other day. Goodness, thought we were going to lose him! But he is feeling better now. He’s liking his new pen buddy.


Dash came to live with us while he is being weaned from 7th Heaven Acres. He’s settled in now that I moved him to a pen he can’t jump out of.


Blaze has sure grow this summer. He is so handsome and I think we are getting his minor foot problem under control. He of course is still loving his calf (who may or may not think he is also a goat?)

Ransom, Tawny, and Diana
Janet, Ransom, Scarlett, Blaze, Dolly and the end of JD
The whole crew

My disappointment that the girls weren’t breed has subsided. I am hoping they have gotten breed in the last month. I am taking the boys out this week. I will put everyone together again the end of the month for December babies.


Of course the little girls are doing fine and growing well. I have them all mostly shaved and so getting ready for the fair shouldn’t be too bad. It’s coming faster than I am going to be ready for. I think that happens every year!

Friday’s Hunt v2.2

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt hosted by my dear friend Teresa at Eden Hills. This week we have the Letter B, Weeks Favorite, and Patriotic.

For Letter B I am showing my handsome boy Blaze. He is back for a while before he goes a visits new girls at our vet Amy’s house. I hope she gets flashy colored babies!

Growing up!


My Weeks Favorite came from our adventures this week.


They do love each other. We had a great adventure through the pastures checking fences and cows!

20160709_215617 (2)


I love fireworks anytime, but on the 4th of July they are the most wonderful. I hum “and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there” the entire time. Can you imagine seeing what Francis Scott Key saw that night?


What a beautiful sight.