Brother had a field of grass hay down. I was sent out to rake it. It’s a hilly field, but all was going well.


I was going along and having good luck until…


I lost steering on the M. I got stopped and did some looking around after I called for Brother. Yeah, this is a problem. It’s supposed to be attached to the steering and move the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. Now what? Thank goodness Brother is so handy. He and SIL to the rescue. We got it loaded on the trailer and taken to the shop. Since the H wouldn’t stay running I went back out with the 560 to finish raking. It doesn’t exactly drive as well for raking as the M does so I didn’t get to take any pictures with it. Thankfully, Brother came back with the M fixed before to long!


Once done, we got started. I drove the baler for Brother until SIL got there to take over. Then Big Nephew and I were on the rack together. I didn’t mind the hills, except when we had a slick rack.


Once Brother got done loading the flatbed with the hay we were baling, I got moved to shagging racks. Brother and Big Nephew are a pretty good team loading.


We got done with the square bales and Brother finished up with round bales.


Unfortunately, my gloves didn’t make it through the first round of square baling. Had a minor blow out. Oh well, I have two more pairs waiting in the truck!