Redoing what I redid.

I am funny this way. Not funny haha, but well you know. Piper was finding a way out of the goat pen. That was bugging me. So I got a different gate. That is bugging Piper. But I think she has figured out that she is supposed to stay in the pen now.


I came across some extra cattle panels, which is what I wanted to use on the goat pen originally.


They were buried and kind of forgotten at another pasture. The kids and I dug them out and hauled them home. So now we have to get them put up and replace the hog panels I used so the hog panels can be used to redo the big lot.

Brother has really good ideas. I was explaining how I hate how the horses, goats and now the calf have pushed my lot panels all down and it looks bad.

His idea was to use wooden posts and put a 2×12 board at the bottom(stopping goats, horses and calves from pushing at the bottom to eat the grass on the other side). This would also make the lot baby goat proof. Then I would just need a hog panel on top of that to make it “horse high”. I just have to get things moved around and I can get started replacing the lot. It looks really bad. You can tell in the picture below how rounded and bent the panels and posts are.

In the mean time, I was trying to figure out how to feed my calf more often without having to shut him in and keep the horses out, and get water to everyone, while also getting the pony off the grass. I mean Thunder is FAT! She needs to go on a dry lot diet, which does not make for a happy pony.


I made her a pen at the east end of the lot. I used a cut panel to split the water so the goats and calf could access it on one side and the pony can access it on the other.


I then took Chrome and Chevy across the road to the other pasture to eat for a while. They should be good for a month or so if they will stop worrying about where the pony is and eat!

Basically I have made myself a lot of work to do, but I will get it done eventually.