Friday’s Hunt v2.5

Welcome back for another version of Friday’s Hunt! Our prompts this week are the Letter E, Week’s Favorite and Bounce. We have been at the fair all week so some of these might be repeats for a few of you!


The letter E is for Excitement. The fair started off with excitement for this girl. She loves this cat and they again won Champion of the Cat Show. Not bad for a barn cat.


I have 2 for Week’s Favorite. I am in love with this one of Denton and his lamb. Denton can be so sweet and gentle and I think that the picture of him and his lamb walking away might be one of my all time favorites.

20160726_073156 (2)

I caught the girls in a moment of discussion. These three are all about 9 months apart in age. They are quite the crew. I think this friendship will be a life long treasure. I love seeing them together.


I had to go back a while for Bounce. This is George on one of his exercise days. He loves tearing around on the outdoor pen. It is so fun to let them run around in the grass.

Thank you for joining me again for yet another week! Enjoy your weekend, wherever it may take you! Thank you to Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting Friday’s Hunt for us.


Fair 2016 Wrap Up

What a week. The kids came home with various ribbons and new ideas and plans for next year. The fair is always a fun little vacation for us.

Our camp site


Other side


Most of the crew.

Some of the fun is just hanging out. We don’t get to camp much, so this is fun for the kids.


Food is definitely one of the best things about the fair. We basically make Mom do the food because, well the kids like hers best! This is ‘frog bellies’ which is just fried bread dough and we butter it and sprinkle with sugar. A true family favorite.

But to me what the fair and 4-H is really about is…

Learning confidence
Being brave and doing it yourself.
Being silly.
Family time
Building bonds
20160726_073156 (2)
Making plans and working together.
Learning to love.

If you can learn those things in life you are ahead of the game. Looking back through my picture from this week, I am filled with pride and joy. No we didn’t win every class or lots of trophies, but the kids learned a lot more than any trophy could ever give. And that is after all what it is all about.

Fair 2016, Wednesday(Day 6)

Finally to the last day of the fair. Wednesday is Poultry Show and Swine Show day. We are in the Poultry show.

Feeding Polly potato salad.
Judging Polly, she is a German Spitzhauben and the oldest chicken at the fair.
Judging the white cochin
Judging the Light Brahma
Niece#4’s bantam hen
Judging Niece#3’s bantam hen
Niece#2 won her class and was Champion Ornamental with her Pheasant.
He’s super fancy. I think he is a Japanese pheasant, but I am not positive.

After the bird show, we spent the afternoon packing up the camper and preparing to load animals and head for home. While it has been a fun week, I am always glad to get back to regularly scheduled life. The only thing I really hate about the fair ending is that school is just around the corner and that means cooler weather is coming.

Fair 2016, Tuesday(Day 5)

Tuesday is Rabbit and Cattle Show day. It’s a pretty busy day on the fair grounds. It’s a fairly busy day. We started out with our favorite, 3rd Annual Baconfest. The kids love bacon. A Lot!


I got to the table late. The kids had already hit the bacon plate. I got some, and it was delicious!


Mmmm…Blueberry syrup. What a great start to the day.


Start out with Clover Kids Fun Show. This is basically just a chance again for them to get some experience at showing. They simply get to handle their animals and then speak to the judge. Denton was glad he got to show Fluffball.

Then we got into the actual show. First up the bigger breeds/meat rabbits.

Landon, Niece#4, and Madelyn showing their single fryers
Madelyn and Shimmer
Judging Bugs




Since the number of rabbits exhibited was down this year, we were done shortly before 11. That meant I was off again.


Yup, more hay. This time it was Sister’s and mine. It sure raked up nicely!


I had a couple tag alongs. Piper and Nala went with me every single pass I made through the field! Bo wimped out and went and watched from the yard.


The ‘herd’ grazing. Since I was going to be away for the fair and there was fireworks on Friday night, I decided to bring the horses all home. It also made it easier for my friend that was doing chores for me while I am gone.

Once I got done raking, I headed back to where SIL and Big Nephew were baling. But I knew right away something wasn’t right.


First, the baler wasn’t moving and the tractor was shut off. Then Brothers truck sitting there was a dead give away that there was a problem. You can’t see it from this angle but there are 3 people between the tractor and the baler. It broke down, which Brother says is the first time since they have owned this baler. In 10 years and the amount of bales that thing has made, I would say that is freaking amazing!! So we had a little break while brother fixed it and then we were off again.

It was another long, crazy day, but a good one. Until tomorrow!

Fair 2016, Monday(Day 4)

Monday started much, much cooler! Finally a break in our heat wave. We were so glad, the animals and us people had had enough. I think the high was still 89*, but the humidity was no where near as high.

All ready.
Just a boy and his lamb.



Monday at the Story County Fair is Sheep Show Day! This meant Junior was up. Denton was excited and nervous. Junior did so well. The Bottle Kid Class was first. They basically have the kids come in and the Fair Queen comes around and has them tell the crowd their lambs name and asks them a simple question about their project. They then lead them around the ring and that is the extent of it. They do have an interview with the Queen Canidates before the show to go over their project booklets.

Talking to the Fair Queen.


Walking the lambs around.

After Denton finished, I was off to rake hay. Of course this is perfect baling weather so fair or no fair it was time to go to work. Brother is very understanding and tries to let me be here as much as possible, but the old saying goes, you have to make hay while the sun shines.


Brother started the field for me. I was back at the fair in time for supper. Brother round baled this field. Tomorrow we square bale!




Fair 2016, Sunday(Day 3)

The days are piling up as we get busy showing. The fair has a way of doing that. But we are having fun and the temperature is coming down a little. For that we are thankful.


Sunday began a with a little fun in the Dueland Pavillion. The United Methodist Church in Nevada runs the food stand and then on Sunday hosts a church service, “Waking up with the Hogs. Yes those are real hogs wandering through the service.


New this year was their offering of free biscuits afterwards at the church stand. It was a really good service and good food!

Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce, because according to the children Sister and I don’t make it right.


After that we went back and started getting dinner ready. Today was spaghetti. After Dinner we had to get kids cleaned up and ready to show. The Meat Goat show was first at 2 pm and then the Dairy Goat Show was at 6pm. The goats all did well and the kids had fun. Even if they didn’t place as high as we hoped.

Madelyn and Zulu


Wynn and Wynona


Diana and Tawny



Walking for the judge.


Showing Diana and Tawny.


Lining up for judging.


Dry Doe class with Dolly and Niece#3 with Pheonix
Indi in the 3 yr to 5 yr in Milk class


Meanwhile, Landon was participating in the Story County Pork Producers Grill Off hosted by the Story County Pork Producers(Our 4-H leader is a member) and Farmland(which is where Dad sold his hogs). This is a new event at the fair. He made an Iowa Chop marinated in Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce, green beans with bacon, and pan fried apples. They were judged on 4 categories, oral presentation of what they made, plate presentation, taste, and then over all on the points they got in the other 3 categories. Landon got first in the 4-H division of Oral Presentation. They like the flavor of his dish, but thought he could use more seasoning. This was one of my favorite new events. He is already planning for next year!


Discussing the plan with Dad.


Presenting the final product to the judges.


Giving his Oral Presentation.


So another busy day down. Off to bed and up early again tomorrow.

Fair 2016, Saturday-Day 2

Saturday dawned sometime an I missed it because I was busy getting everyone loaded and moved around. I brought Chrome and Chevy home and put them in the pasture at home with Thunder Pony. They tore outta there. I shut JD in the lot so that my friend that’s doing chores for me can feed him alone.  Then I had to unload the trailer so I could load the trailer. When I finally got around to loading goats, I was dripping with sweat.

I got the boer does loaded, but noticed that Ginger didn’t seem to be acting right. So we decided not to take her with us. I treated her the very best that I knew how but it was apparently to late. Ginger passed in my arms this morning. My heart was broken and even worse I had to let Denton know and still pack the trailer and get to the fair. What a way to start the morning.

Then I loaded the Nubian’s. I had to wean the 4 baby boys and sort everyone. Then the 10  bags of sawdust. Finally I added Niece#2’s buckling Dash to go back home to be a buddy to their new goat Jessi.

Next came the rabbits. We only left 6 home. That means we brought 14. Niece#4 has 2 she is showing, Madelyn brought 6, and Landon brought 6. I didn’t have enough cages, but I made it work.

Then I had to load the guinea pig, after weaning her three babies. They were making a bunch of racket when we left. Mind you this whole time I have been looking for Charlie the cat. He was no where. I mean no where!! I knew Madelyn was going to be devastated if I didn’t find him. After already crying and telling Denton about his goat, now I had to call Madelyn and tell her I am not bringing the cat.

Well, I had to leave. I had to get Sisters kids goats loaded.  We only have so much time in the morning to get all the animals checked in and the other projects, so I left without him. I told the boys to look everywhere for him. Seriously, EVERY INCH of our property. We got the goats at Sister’s loaded and just about to drive out, when Landon called and had not only found him but shut him up! I raced home to get him. I am glad I did!

Are you kidding me?


Of course the train not only caught us, but stopped completely. We backed up and turned around and found another way into town.

The morning started with Rabbit Hopping for Niece#4. She and Lucky received a blue ribbon. They had fun their first year and we are looking forward to training a few more in this. I will try to get a picture of her and Lucky with their ribbon, but if you know my Niece#4 she is hard to get to stand still very long.

Niece#4 running away from us again.


Next up the cat show and small pet show. Keep in mind that Charlie is just a barn cat. No special treatment or extra grooming. The cat show is judged on a point system. 75 points go to the child and their knowledge of their pet. 25 points go to the cat and their health and condition. Charlie got docked a point for being overweight, but otherwise they did really well.


For some reason, as soon as we put Charlie into the pet taxi, he becomes a complete show off. Basking is all the attention and stays perfectly calmly on the show table.


Yup, Champion Cat again! I am so happy we found him in time. Great way to start off the fair for Madelyn.

Next up was the Small Pet portion of the show, in which Rio was entered.


In this, you can enter almost any small pet. Birds, hamsters, lizards, etc. This year there was a gerbil, guinea pigs, and a lizard. Again, this show is judged 75 points to the child and their knowledge and then 25 to the pet. Rio is now a Reserve Champion Small Pet!

It’s hard work being a winner.


We tried to take him out, but he preferred to wait in the taxi. Most cats come bolting out as soon as you open the door, not Charlie, he just lays there watching.

In the meantime, we got everyone unloaded and checked in.

Boer does settled in.


Nubian girls relaxing. Not their first fair so they settled in quickly.



After weaning Indi, we now have to milk her morning and night. Not actually the best plan to teach a goat to milk at the fair, but we will make it work.

Niece#4 checking waters. Very important in the heat.


The rabbits all have their own cage this year. Which is nice, but I didn’t plan on that so had to get some new water bottles and feed pans! Oh well that’s just another thing that we will make work!

After a long, very hot day, we got cleaned up and off to bed.


Mom’s camper isn’t big, so the boys take turns sleeping under the table. As long as everyone gets some rest it really doesn’t matter.