Friday’s Hunt v2.1

Welcome back for another edition of Friday’s Hunt hosted by our good friend Teresa at Eden Hills! This week we have Starts with A, Week’s Favorite, and Macro(I have no idea what this even means, since I am nearly computer illiterate so I am not going to even try to make anything up!)

For Starts with A I have Alice. I usually just call her Mom. She is my biggest supporter, dearest friend, and through all the things life has thrown at her shown her strength and grace in so many ways. I also sort of look a lot like her. They say I act a lot like her. Since becoming a mother myself, there is a saying that rings very true.  I opened my mouth and my mother came out! Makes me laugh because we are always saying she sounds like her mom. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far.  20160313_161334.jpg

My Weeks Favorite is obviously the babies! I can’t get over them. They are so cute and fun. A lot different than the rabbit babies because these little guys are fairly self sufficient, eyes open and running around eating!


Over all it has been a good week. We didn’t get much rain, that we need but it hasn’t been as hot. Here’s to a good weekend and be safe.



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