Fixing Gaps

After a long winter and the spring rains, the water gaps are usually gone. I was tasked with repairing the gaps in the ‘back pasture’.


Hauling tools is so much easier than it was when I helped dad do this as a kid. Load the mule and get as close as you can. It is really a handy little vehicle.


Of course, I had found a hole in my Boggs earlier. Thankfully SIL ordered my new ones for me and they are wonderful! These are excellent water, mud, manure boots. They are warm in the winter, but not hot in the summer. They are even comfortable when you have to wear them all day.


Luckily, when Big Nephew and I were back here working on thistles we checked to see what we would need to fix the gaps. Fortunately most everything was still there, so I didn’t have to take much. Of course, when you have to walk a distance you try to take just the necessities. These posts wouldn’t just push in far enough.

But I left the post pounder clear back in the mule. So what do you do?


Find a big rock of course. They are effective post pounders in a pinch.


Obviously, it is beautiful in the stream.


The finished gap. It doesn’t take much to keep the cows, but it has to be there and popping.

It didn’t take long to get them up and running. Sometimes it seems like all you do is put gaps back in after rains. That has not been an issue this year. I am personally hoping for some rain, even if I have to replace the gaps I just put in!

One thought on “Fixing Gaps

  1. At a farm (or just living on the country side -there seems always something that needs to be fixed! My years in the city were easy!!) ) Love your boot photo – the water makes it look like a mosaic:) Great SIL who thinks ahead!
    When you have a moment, a small reminder to link up one of these photos to SEASONS -still time to Wednesday evening. 7pm Pacific time. Thanks ahead:)

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