A petting farm

I used to do a lot of petting farms. I don’t do so many any more. This is a special one that the 4-H group my kids are in, and is in my home town of Collins at their celebration.

Lincoln and Dill, and Mario and Sonic


We took the baby boys.


The baby bunnies, who all got a work out!


The not so baby chicks.


Of course Junior was a loveable hit with the kids.


Nygle got loved plenty.


Gizmo also got plenty of loving!


Rio went with us, but I didn’t allow HER to be handled. I had thought originally that she was a girl. But then after having her for a few months and nothing I decided Yeah! She is a boy. Well…she is not a he and is going to a mom soon! I couldn’t believe it when I picked her up today! I thought she had gained weight the last time I had her out, but then I got busy with work and hadn’t played with them lately. She has definitely gained some weight. So, we are getting another cage ready for her to be in to have babies. Not really the plan, but my plans rarely work out anyway!

Anyway, the kids at the petting farm had a good time and I got to see lots of old friends from school, some of their parents I hadn’t seen for a while, and a bunch of their darling kids! Even though it was hot, it was a really good day.

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