Friday’s Hunt v1.26

Welcome back for Friday’s Hunt! Another week come and gone! This weeks prompts are Starts with Z, Weeks Favorite, and Today.

For Starts with Z, I have my pretty little Zulu! She is such a sweetheart. When we first brought her home, she did not want anything to do with me. After a few days of being difficult to catch, she figured out if she stood close enough to me I would scratch her head and neck. That was really all it took to tame her down. Now she practically trips me to get beside me for scratches!


My Weeks Favorite is this one of the weeds. I just love these little fringy things!


Today we let the mommies and babies outside to play and get some fresh air! They loved it and did a lot of crazy jumping and playing. There is nothing more fun than watching babies play.


Overall, it’s been hot and dry this week. I sure hope we get some of the rain they are predicting. If you want to look at the other Friday’s Hunts check out all of the links at Eden Hills. Thanks for visiting!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.26

  1. Zulu is a cute one, for sure! I like her dark colored head…it’s not real common, is it? I wonder if that weed is called Fever Few? I’ve seen something similar, but am not sure.

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    1. Thank you! No the dark head is not as common as the red, but that is what we are hoping to get more off in the coming years! I don’t know if that is the name, but I will look it up!


  2. No matter which animal (or humans!) – babies are so cute! Zulu likes your attention:):) Can see you’re having a great time here!
    Just a little reminder to share one of these little ones for SEASONS, as beginnings of the summer. Hope the weather is not too hot when you have to work in the field. Have a happy week, friend, and
    hope to see you there (Sunday-Wednesday)!


  3. Zulu is adorable! It’s nice when they figure out there are advantages to being friendly. I just happened to have been out taking some pictures of those same weeds today! The kids are so much fun to watch play! Thank you so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt! Have a great week.

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