Why I don’t like thistles

Possibly 10 feet tall?

Big Nephew isn’t small. Not small at all. He is big guy, about 6″3″ tall. He is on level ground with this one.


Yup, all thistles. We may or may not have missed this patch last year and it got trampled by the cows. It came back with a vengeance. So did we. After filling one 50 pound feed bag full with buds, we called in reinforcements. Sister brought 3 bags and Niece#2 and #4. After we worked 2 hours, they helped us finish the other half in about an hour and a half.


Yeah, there was even more than I took pictures of. On the back side and through the middle of this patch there were about as many laying down as there were standing up. We won’t miss this spot ever again. It haunts our dreams. But nothing is better than walking away and looking back and seeing grass (in this case just a dirt spot) but who cares as long as there are NO THISTLES!!

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