After our exciting day…

Big Nephew and I did about the same thing we have been doing. Only we took the spades less and more tools for fixing fence and getting pastures, now fairly free of those pesky thistles, ready for cows. While that isn’t exciting work, we did see some beautiful places and find some interesting things.

Empty nest
Not and empty nest, after chopping down the thistle it was in, we rehomed it. Hopefully it was found.
Fun trails, yes, there is a trail in there to our water gap.
Pretty flowers/weeds
Yellow ones


Purple ones


White ones
The best find of all!

Sister and I went out early this morning and picked raspberries. It’s one of my favorite times, no kids or hubbys, just us talking and laughing. I don’t mind the scratches or the bugs because I get to just spend quiet time chatting about everything under the sun with her. Oh and the berries are delicious!

Posey’s babies, Pheobe and Mr. T

Posey is a really good mother! We are so over the moon about Pheobe. She is exactly what we hoped to eventually breed and we accidentally got her! I am so happy for my Niece#3! And Mr. T (for Tank) is very handsome and stout! I think they have good lines in them!

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