A kind of exciting day.

Lately my days have kind of run together. They have been the same, sweat, hot, tired and repeat!

Musk Thistles…grr


But yesterday started out much better! Katie finally called and their mare Sassy had her colt! Chevy is a big brother!

Another Black and White!
Sassyand Silverado
Such love!

It’s a boy with lots of white! I am so happy for Katie and if you would like to see more of Sassy and her new baby Silverado, check out more of Katie’s pictures on facebook.

The majority of the rest of the day went about like most of the rest. It was hot, we were sweating and then we were done. I went to Sisters house to drop Big Nephew off and heard a baby goat yelling fairly loudly. At first, Sister thought is was just Rue making noise. Then she realized that Rue wasn’t the one making all the noise.

Where was Posey?!

20160620_170030Yup, the wait is over! She finally showed us what she was hiding in there! We found her with one fairly big red headed buck. He was all dried off and eating. We noticed that she was still pushing and so after a while she laid down with her bottom in the corner. When Sister tried to move her out of the corner, we noticed one foot and a head. I went ahead and pulled the second baby. Can you believe it is finally a DOE! And she is black and white!! Just exactly what we are all trying for! Niece#3, well, all of them are very excited! Out of the 7 kids we had this year, 6 bucks and 1 doe! She’s a keeper for sure! Posey, although younger than you would usually like, is a very good mommy! I am so excited for them!

So you can see it was kind of an exciting day for all!

One thought on “A kind of exciting day.

  1. Congrats, what a feast all these babies! The doe is so cute! But I can imagine you don’t like those thistles – I’ve never seen them that big! (ouch!) Hope to see you back soon at SEASONS (you remember that one photo is enough for the photo link up?) Anyways, your last post was beautiful too! Have a happy week!

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