Day Off

I took the day off to run an errand that “just had” to be done. Madelyn and Niece#2 passed drivers ed and wanted to get their school permits. Sister and I wanted them to get their school permits. So this happened…

Niece#2, Niece#3 and Madelyn are off.


Yes, immediately, they wanted to drive back to town to a softball game. Well, like ripping a Band-Aid off, I guess they were going to have to go at some point. They made it there and back, so I guess that is that.

We also got all of our projects signed up for the 4-H fair coming up next month. Now to complete them all. That was one of the things we worked on when we got home.



Goat hair cuts. This is not the most fun job, but it sure cools them down and since these girls are on full feed, it is important to keep them cool.

Zulu was a total fluff ball!
Much better

They were panting pretty hard when I started trimming them. Once I would get one side done, they would be breathing calmly. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I only got Ginger, Zulu and Callie done today. Wynn and Wynona will have to wait. I also used this time to worm the girls and update their vaccinations.


This goof was standing in the buckets of water I filled to water the animals inside. Keep in mind she is about 3 feet from the kiddy pool I have filled for the dogs to lay in!



Finally to end the day, I had 2 games, finally together at the same field. Both boys played pretty well and I didn’t get a picture because I was yelling, but Landon had a great hit to the outfield! Baseball season is winding down, only a week left before tournaments start.

Does anyone else feel like summer is going to fast?

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