Finding the beauty


A lot of times the jobs I have to do are not very glamourous. And actually they aren’t that much fun, but they have to be done. Today, Big Nephew and I had to walk pastures and hay fields cutting thistles. That’s not fun, but it has to be done or they will over run the grass.


One way I have found to make those kind of days better is to enjoy the absolute beauty I get to be in every single day.


I mean really I could be in a building, staring at a wall. Instead, I am ‘forced’ to walk through some of the most beautiful places and really look at it (you know in case there is a thistle hiding). This is not that bad when you really stop and think about it.


I love what I have to do. And even if it isn’t what most would consider fun, if you find the beauty nothing is really too bad.

I am linking with Seasons.

3 thoughts on “Finding the beauty

  1. You have a great attitude towards work! Your office are the fields and they have no walls – walls can be pretty boring! – except when there is a painting on it, of course:):) Many thanks for sharing this with SEASONS! Beautiful captures and colors!
    Hope you also share these beautiful photos with some other memes/challenges, so more people can look at it. I really won’t mind if you go to my normal weekly post (with that I mean, not the Seasons’ posts) – all the weekly challenges/memes are on the bottom of the post and direct links. Just click on them.. Have a beautiful week and hope to see you back the next one:)

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