Finally More Babies!

Indi sure had my daughter in a tizzy! She looks so forward to having babies and Indi is a 3 year old who didn’t settle last year. Of course Indi is her pride and joy so having to wait another year was almost too much!! Well, thankfully, the wait is over!


Indi gave us twin boys on Friday. One looks just like mom and the other reminds me an awful lot Janet as a baby!

Scarlett’s 2015 babies, Janet and Herbert
Button’s 2016 babies Sonic and Mario

Are you seeing the same color theme I am? All three of these does, Indi, Button, and Scarlett have direct ties to Eden Hills goats. I am starting to think that while my buck Blaze is a nice compliment to the does, the color scheme and spots come from the girls! Either way I couldn’t be happier! This is what we have been working towards. Loud coloring with unusual markings focusing on black, but the red is just fine!

Indi is proving to be a really good mother, which also makes me happy. Although I will milk most of the does, I prefer to let them raise their babies themselves.

Indi’s Buck#1, looks just like her as a baby!
Indi’s Buck#2, just a fancy little guy!

At least Madelyn can stop being mad that Indi is keeping them from her! They are just too cute!! I will try to keep updated pictures of the kids under the Goat page at the top under 2016 Babies.

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