Brother came Friday morning and mowed my hay. Friday night we watched the 10 o’clock news and the weatherman said the rain was going to skirt along the Minnesota border. There was a cap over Iowa due to the heat, so no rain here. About midnight the rain came. We got 0.8″ over night. So much for no rain!

Luckily, the hay was just mowed and not raked. I went out this morning to check on it. I thought it was surprisingly dry. Only a few spots that looked like they could be helped by raking it. Brother couldn’t believe it could be dry enough. SIL came and thought there were a few spots that needed to be flipped. So off I went to get the rake.


I have to fuel it before I leave for my house because it is kind of a haul to my house from Brothers. It’s only about 12 miles, but if you run out of fuel with this tractor, you have to haul it home.


I love raking hay. There is something very satisfying about seeing a field all neatly raked and ready to go. Of course it smells wonderful too!


My hay field will feed all of my animals through the winter so it is very important to me! Without it, the cost of keeping my animals would be a lot more!


I had to go with Madelyn to a track banquet, so I missed SIL coming and baling. She had it all done and was gone before we got back. 11 and a half bales to go to Brother. That won’t feed the cows very long, but every bit helps!


3 thoughts on “Baling

  1. as a small kid my first job was turning and aligning bails of hay… (especially after a ran storm… I could ‘t even lift them…) back then we would “haul hay” by hand and a wagon pulled by a tractor… one of my least favorite jobs… I did like when we got to the barn… if I was the one putting the bails on the hay elevator…

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