Some days

Went trucking the other day. Hauled 3 anhydrous tanks back and brought back 2. Then had to go get seed beans so Brother is all ready to plant the rye beans.


Had a little bit of a line. I did think it was kind of funny that all three of us were women.


All tied down and ready to go get feed additive for the calves.


Brother is making good progress on the rye bales. There is going to be a bunch! Which means…


Moving Bales!


At least the 3388 has air and a radio. I can do without the radio, but if it is going to be over 90 with high humidity I am pretty happy with air!!


Niece#2 and Madelyn came over to help weed Mom’s garden. They worked really hard and had it done in no time.


Big Nephew mowed while he waited on us. We have pretty good kids. Mom’s garden is looking really good. Which I should probably finish up here and tend to mine for a little bit!


Niece#5’s bottle calf. Madelyn loves her! I didn’t get pictures of it, but Brother had a calf that was a little down, so he showed me how to tube a calf and I did pretty good. My vet thought learning to tube a calf might help me learn to tube a goat eventually. I absolutely love that Brother is so patient in teaching me new things when it would be easier to just do it himself.


Our day once again ended at the ball park, watching storms go just to the east of us. The towns around got poured on and we got nothing. While rain would be ok for gardens, I would prefer it waited until Brother got everything baled. I hope you are having a wonderful week.


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