The Waiting Game

We are excited to say we are no longer waiting on Niece#3 to get home. She made it home Saturday night late. Although she was not feeling the best at first, she was happy to be home and her friends have brought her some unusual gifts. She is making wonderful progress daily and seeing her smile is just perfect!


What a trooper!
Getting some fresh air!


We are still waiting on word about Chevy’s mom Sassy, who is way overdue. I know Katie is really getting excited to see Baby #2. I am so interested to see what they throw this year! I know I am in love with my Chevy Boy!

We are still waiting on Indi, who we really don’t have a clue when she is due.

Such a beautiful girl!

Then there is Posey, who we didn’t even know she had been bred, so we really have no idea when she is due.

Niece#4 and Posey with Rue photo bombing!


We are not waiting on Brother to chop rye anymore. We got done with one day and since there was high winds and no moisture, the rye dried too fast.

Already to pack with the 1586 when the dozer starts over heating and needs a break.
Even wore a t-shirt and long sleeved shirt, ready to be in the sun all day.
This is it.

Although we didn’t get as much chopped as Brother hoped, he always has a back version in his mind. Now he is getting the round baler ready and we will spend the next few days baling and moving 100’s of bales.

I guess we will continue to check and check again. It sounds like we are going to be heating up the end of the week so time to get fans ready and double and triple check water.










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