Sunday Funday

We were supposed to chop rye Sunday. However, with the wind and the dozer on the fritz, I ended up with the day off. Well, sort of!


To start with, while I was waiting to find out if I was going to work, I picked strawberries. I am going to have a bumper crop, I just hope I can keep up.

little Nephew


Even if I don’t have to work, SIL and Brother do, so we got to have little Nephew and Niece#5 over to play! Since they were here I decided I should get Niece#4 and we could play and have a picnic!

Niece#4 with little Nephew with Jersey

We made some temporary pens to let the rabbits and baby goats play outside. This also gave the kids the chance to play with everyone.

Denton making Fluffball a baseball player.
George went running and jumping like crazy.
little Nephew decided this one is his.
Getting some love.
Button and Sonic

Denton finally did decide on names. Sonic and Mario are our boys.

Button and Mario


Because the strawberries are ready, that means Strawberry Shortcake!!

I think it was a hit.

This guy can eat. He might give Big Nephew a run for his money at the table one of these days!

These are days I will always treasure. It isn’t long before kids are grown and gone and you just don’t get to spend this kind of time with them. I love being able to do this with them. It sure made my weekend about perfect.

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