Chopping Rye

I went back to work this week. Brother and SIL have been getting along pretty well but now they are ready for their third wheel! Brother got the rye mowed so we started chopping Saturday. This is the first time Brother has chopped rye so it’s kind of a learning experience.

My equipment for the next couple days.
My office has the best views.
Meeting up with SIL

SIL runs the chopper. I run the wagons between the chopper and the pit. Brother packs the pit.

Big Nephew waiting while Brother backs the wagon in the pit.

The boys of our operation got the pit lined with plastic and ready to go while I was getting the first load. Brother backs the wagon in to save time. I think I could do it, if I had the better part of a day. Wagons and hay racks are a little more tricky than livestock or bale trailers. But I will keep practicing and one day I will get it. Until then, though, Brother will have to get them where he wants them.

Holding the plastic down a little different this year.

I swear, every time we say we are going to chop, the wind blows 90 miles an hour. Last fall, we had a terrible time keeping the plastic up. We line the bales with plastic to keep the moisture in so it will ferment. We are eventually building a concrete silage pit, but for now, we use bales.

20160604_195710 (2)
SIL and the chopper looked so beautiful in the sunshine.
Looking to the south, you can literally see for miles and miles!
Looking back north to Mom and Dad’s homestead.
There I am, kind of.

We are going to try to go again today. I am going to make a few changes, no tanktops today. Rye is the itchiest, especially when it gets in your shirt or heaven forbid your bra!! Going with a t-shirt (which if you know me is not usual) and a long sleeve shirt since I will be exposed all day.

Wish us luck! Linking with Seasons at St. Germain’s Blog.

4 thoughts on “Chopping Rye

  1. Wow, you’re giving us an education (still being city slickers, lol) that must be such hard work. Never thought of the wind being something you have to contend with! Yes, I can imagine it being itchy on your skin! Wishing that this job may go smooth with good weather with as little wind as possible! Oh, and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with SEASONS -much appreciated! Looking forward to see you back next week in your few spare minutes:):)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not so hard when you love it! Seems like anymore we contend with the wind daily! Thank you for visiting and reminding me to link up! I have a reminder on my computer now!


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