Friday’s Hunt v1.23

It’s the end of another week and time for Friday’s Hunt! I would like to say thank you to my friend Teresa at Eden Hills for hosting and let you know her On Farm Market is open today! If you are in the area, stop out and check out her soaps, lotion, photography and much more!

For our prompts this week, we have the Letter W, Weeks Favorite, and Rough.

For my Letter W, this week it is Waiting!

Waiting on Indi.
Waiting on Posey, Niece#3’s doe
Waiting on Sassy, front, Chevy’s mom to have baby#2


Waiting on Brother to start chopping Rye
Waiting on my darling Niece#3 to get home.

I am trying so hard to be patient. but I am not good at. I can handle waiting on Brother, he’s working early in the morning until late at night to get things done, but he can only go so fast. I can handle waiting on the does and Sassy, although I am excited to see what they are hiding in there. I am struggling with waiting on my Niece. She has absolutely been the most amazing patient and I could not be proud of her! I am amazed at her strength and how she is doing. We are wanting her home but at the same time wanting her to stay in the hospital where she is getting amazing care and stronger each day. But it is hard to not be able to just run over and check in on her. But our little trooper should be home in the next couple days!

20160603_164912.jpgMy Weeks Favorite is Nephew#2. Nephew#1 is back from school and working with me again this summer. I am truly blessed to be able to work at a job that I absolutely love and often don’t feel like it’s work and spend time with my nephew. Doubly blessed to see this little guy grow up and learn with us. He loved this soft grass. When I pull in Brothers driveway and Niece#5 and Nephew#2 come running out yelling my name, my heart swells!

20160603_174108.jpgRough is what Gina’s life is going to become! Yes, the babies are up and out and about! Even trying pellets and hay. Gina had been able to slip into the other half of the hutch and relax away from the babies. Not anymore. That blurry thing beside her? A baby sneaking a snack.


They aren’t piling up like they had been. They grow so fast.


Won’t be long before they are eating enough that Mom can move to a pen of her own. Madelyn is working on identifying each one by putting a number in their ear so we can start to see who is who and how they are growing and how their personalities are.

I hope you will stop over at Eden Hills and check out the other Friday’s Hunt participants. Have a blessed weekend.

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.23

  1. Waiting – I don’t like it either! You have much to do, but it’s great you love it! whenever you post anything, just link up when it’s time for Seasons, because it’s about any experience during the Season. I remember your tender beginnings of beginning Spring – you are missed, so whenever you have a few spare minutes to join the fun, I would love for you to link up (just a reminder -link is open from Sunday 12 am -Wednesday 7pm, Pacific time. Hope to see you there!

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  2. Hope the waiting is done for Niece #3 to be home. Good wishes for her recovery. Can’t wait to see the kids! Love your image for Week’s Favorite. Adorable! I can’t believe how big the bunnies are already. So cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Friday’s Hunt (and the shout out for my open farm). Hope you have a great week ahead!

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