Friday’s Hunt v2.1

Welcome back for another edition of Friday’s Hunt hosted by our good friend Teresa at Eden Hills! This week we have Starts with A, Week’s Favorite, and Macro(I have no idea what this even means, since I am nearly computer illiterate so I am not going to even try to make anything up!)

For Starts with A I have Alice. I usually just call her Mom. She is my biggest supporter, dearest friend, and through all the things life has thrown at her shown her strength and grace in so many ways. I also sort of look a lot like her. They say I act a lot like her. Since becoming a mother myself, there is a saying that rings very true.  I opened my mouth and my mother came out! Makes me laugh because we are always saying she sounds like her mom. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far.  20160313_161334.jpg

My Weeks Favorite is obviously the babies! I can’t get over them. They are so cute and fun. A lot different than the rabbit babies because these little guys are fairly self sufficient, eyes open and running around eating!


Over all it has been a good week. We didn’t get much rain, that we need but it hasn’t been as hot. Here’s to a good weekend and be safe.




Seems like I have been busy lately! The boys have been having tournament games each evening. So far Denton’s Peewee team has won 2 rounds and are now heading to the semi-finals. Landon’s team plays their 2nd round game tonight.

I have been working out in my garden lately. Sometimes I think I only grow a garden to raise treats for my goats. They love weeds. And I can grow some amazing weeds.

Button, Indi and babies.

This year, after I planted my onions and potatoes, I tried doing them two different ways. The potatoes I mulched immediately. The onions I put preen down, then about a week later I tilled between the rows and put preen down again.

See the difference?

Definitely think I am going to use the preen a little more liberally in the future. I can’t even find my potatoes. Have about 5 weeds in my onions. I am going to keep on weeding a little each day. I am making pretty good progress and the goats are very happy with me!

My boys, Fall 2015


I have been trying to retake this picture. They are not cooperating.


Chevy likes to try to eat the camera. Chrome likes to walk away from me. But at least you can see that Chevy has grown, grown a lot actually! I think he’s a real beauty and what an ornery little bugger.


He’s a little hip high right now, but that will even out eventually  He is getting some little spots.


He’s got a great butt. Which I love a guy with a great butt 😉


JD is growing as well. I think he is happy that Blaze is back.


This is what they do. Hang out together. JD doesn’t beller as much now. I think he was lonely. But lonely for a certain friend.

We did have a little excitement this week. Remember I told you I was pretty sure Rio guinea pig was pregnant. Turns out, I was right. Very pregnant.


She had 3 on Tuesday. Madelyn called freaking out! She of course loves the babies. They are stinking cute.


She had quite the variety of colors. I am excited to see them grow. Always interesting watching how new mothers act with their new little ones. Such fun!

Fixing Gaps

After a long winter and the spring rains, the water gaps are usually gone. I was tasked with repairing the gaps in the ‘back pasture’.


Hauling tools is so much easier than it was when I helped dad do this as a kid. Load the mule and get as close as you can. It is really a handy little vehicle.


Of course, I had found a hole in my Boggs earlier. Thankfully SIL ordered my new ones for me and they are wonderful! These are excellent water, mud, manure boots. They are warm in the winter, but not hot in the summer. They are even comfortable when you have to wear them all day.


Luckily, when Big Nephew and I were back here working on thistles we checked to see what we would need to fix the gaps. Fortunately most everything was still there, so I didn’t have to take much. Of course, when you have to walk a distance you try to take just the necessities. These posts wouldn’t just push in far enough.

But I left the post pounder clear back in the mule. So what do you do?


Find a big rock of course. They are effective post pounders in a pinch.


Obviously, it is beautiful in the stream.


The finished gap. It doesn’t take much to keep the cows, but it has to be there and popping.

It didn’t take long to get them up and running. Sometimes it seems like all you do is put gaps back in after rains. That has not been an issue this year. I am personally hoping for some rain, even if I have to replace the gaps I just put in!

A petting farm

I used to do a lot of petting farms. I don’t do so many any more. This is a special one that the 4-H group my kids are in, and is in my home town of Collins at their celebration.

Lincoln and Dill, and Mario and Sonic


We took the baby boys.


The baby bunnies, who all got a work out!


The not so baby chicks.


Of course Junior was a loveable hit with the kids.


Nygle got loved plenty.


Gizmo also got plenty of loving!


Rio went with us, but I didn’t allow HER to be handled. I had thought originally that she was a girl. But then after having her for a few months and nothing I decided Yeah! She is a boy. Well…she is not a he and is going to a mom soon! I couldn’t believe it when I picked her up today! I thought she had gained weight the last time I had her out, but then I got busy with work and hadn’t played with them lately. She has definitely gained some weight. So, we are getting another cage ready for her to be in to have babies. Not really the plan, but my plans rarely work out anyway!

Anyway, the kids at the petting farm had a good time and I got to see lots of old friends from school, some of their parents I hadn’t seen for a while, and a bunch of their darling kids! Even though it was hot, it was a really good day.

Friday’s Hunt v1.26

Welcome back for Friday’s Hunt! Another week come and gone! This weeks prompts are Starts with Z, Weeks Favorite, and Today.

For Starts with Z, I have my pretty little Zulu! She is such a sweetheart. When we first brought her home, she did not want anything to do with me. After a few days of being difficult to catch, she figured out if she stood close enough to me I would scratch her head and neck. That was really all it took to tame her down. Now she practically trips me to get beside me for scratches!


My Weeks Favorite is this one of the weeds. I just love these little fringy things!


Today we let the mommies and babies outside to play and get some fresh air! They loved it and did a lot of crazy jumping and playing. There is nothing more fun than watching babies play.


Overall, it’s been hot and dry this week. I sure hope we get some of the rain they are predicting. If you want to look at the other Friday’s Hunts check out all of the links at Eden Hills. Thanks for visiting!

A Ruff Life

Hmm, what’s going on over here?


What about over there?


This is hard work.


I love this grass.


Yup, it’s really hard work to be Piper Puppy.
Sometimes I am so busy, I have to stop and smell the flowers.
I have been getting my feet wet and learning my job.
And taking nightly patrols. I will protect you Bullseye.
Sometimes Bo comes too. We are very good at barking at things we don’t recognize.
I love this Ruff Life!

Why I don’t like thistles

Possibly 10 feet tall?

Big Nephew isn’t small. Not small at all. He is big guy, about 6″3″ tall. He is on level ground with this one.


Yup, all thistles. We may or may not have missed this patch last year and it got trampled by the cows. It came back with a vengeance. So did we. After filling one 50 pound feed bag full with buds, we called in reinforcements. Sister brought 3 bags and Niece#2 and #4. After we worked 2 hours, they helped us finish the other half in about an hour and a half.


Yeah, there was even more than I took pictures of. On the back side and through the middle of this patch there were about as many laying down as there were standing up. We won’t miss this spot ever again. It haunts our dreams. But nothing is better than walking away and looking back and seeing grass (in this case just a dirt spot) but who cares as long as there are NO THISTLES!!