Beautiful Monday

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. I absolutely love all the people that come out to remember and pay their respects to those who have served and given everything for our freedoms and rights that we enjoy everyday.


We went to the Memorial Service at the Collins Cemetery where Dad is buried. It was a beautiful service and they read off all the names of the veterans, 212 of them dating back to the Civil War. That is followed by the 21 gun salute and taps and then a fly over by a local pilot.


It was perfectly timed and amazing!


Just a great tribute and thank you.



Mom decorated the headstone with red and white flowers this year.


After a beautiful morning, we headed home to check every one and get our stuff for a picnic/bonfire at Mom’s.


We did have to milk out one side for Button, but it looks like that worked as they are now eating off of both!


Pretty much in love! They are so sweet.

20160531_075831 (3)

The baby bunnies are sure getting active. This is about the cutest they will be! Just absolutely adorable!


Brother has been cleaning up some dead trees at Mom’s. The big pile was not going to work to roast hotdogs, so we lit a little fire also. And had our usual epic game of kick ball. Only minor injuries and lots of laughter.


The clouds were rumbling and roiling but managed to stay north of us.


But they sure were pretty.


Just about what I would consider a perfect day. Thank you to all who have given of themselves to allow me to live this life full of freedom.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Monday

  1. Love your great tribute to Memorial Day! Few injuries and lot of laughter is good:):) Thank you for your “like” and occurred to me that we haven’s seen you a few weeks.

    You are missed at SEASONS – you can still link up till 7pm, Pacific time today (Wednesday) with one of these momentous photos by clicking below and clicking on “Click Here” in red on bottom of the post! Hope to see you there!


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