Friday’s Hunt v1.22

It’s time for my late Friday’s Hunt again! I am glad I took too long getting to it because we have super exciting news! The prompts this week are the Letter V, Favorite, and Sunshine.

For my Letter V it’s going to be a stretch! We are VERY excited to say we have BABIES!

Buck#1 and Buck#2 It’s hard work being born!


Their spots and color! Oh my.

Yes, Button is a mommy. She had two beautiful bucks! She had them all dried off and even though we had to help get them latched on I think she is going to be a good mommy. She is a little unsure of what they are doing. These are our very first Blaze babies and I am thrilled with him as a daddy! Although I think the red came straight from the Eden Hills bloodline!


Of course my Favorite is this face! The babies don’t have names yet, but this is so stinking cute!


We did have to do an emergency clean out of the pens since I hadn’t yet gotten that far. It’s done now!


Now we are waiting on Indi. She is just looking for food.


Here is my Sunshine. Piper is under my feet where ever I go. She just loves to be right in front of me or right behind me checking out whatever I am doing. With the last week supposed to so rainy, I was out every minute there was sunshine and got a lot done!

If you have a chance to stop over at Eden Hills and visit the rest of the Friday’s Hunts! I hope you have had a good week and have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.22

  1. Babies! Spotted babies! They are adorable! I know what you mean about getting pens cleaned out. I’m hoping to get my greenhouse cleaned before I need to kid in there. Piper is adorable. By the way, I love the header image. Thanks for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great Memorial Day and week ahead!


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