Oh beautiful days

I love beautiful days. My mood just soars. I am still slowly but surely working on the barn, in between the hoopla of the end of the school year. I think I have made more trips to the school this week than in the last month.


Progress on the front room of the barn. I am basically done with it and now have plenty of room to get the mower in! I also added tubs under the rabbit cages to hopefully catch as much of the manure as possible. I am hoping it will work to keep it a little cleaner.


The other side is also basically done. I can now get through to clean out the middle between part between the chicken coop and the goat pens and then I get to start on the chicken coop and goats pens. I am loving the new wheel barrow I got this year. I am using to haul the straw, hay and rabbit poop to the garden.


All the stuff from the floor is now mulching my tomatoes. I have some weeding to do tomorrow, depending on the rain we are supposed to get tonight, but I am hoping I will have my peppers, egg plants, and cabbage all mulched with the rest.


Speaking of gardening! I was thinning my radishes and look what I found! They aren’t real big but they are sure delicious! My rabbits are just loving the tops!


Picnics are better with food from the garden. Although there weren’t a lot, we just had to enjoy the sunshine and make the most of it!


The babies are growing so rapidly, they are moving around and eyes are opening. They are almost to the super cute stage!


Ok, they are pretty stinking cute right now! While we still don’t have any goat babies yet, Sister called and wondered if there was any chance that the goats we bought earlier this spring could be bred? I didn’t think so, Jeremiah didn’t think so, but Posey is saying differently.



Another pretty little udder! Niece#3’s dairy goat Phoenix didn’t get bred this year, so she is pretty excited that she is going to have babies. She is a little young and it must have been one of those freak through the fence deals. But we all think she is big enough to handle it and be ok. So no we are anxiously awaiting a few more babies.

My does should be due around the 31st, which is only 7 days from now. Not sure Button and Indi are going to be that long.


I am getting impatient girls, let’s go!

Hope you are having a great week!

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