Friday’s Hunt v1.21

It’s time again for Friday’s Hunt, even though I have waited until almost the end of Sunday. It has been so beautiful out I didn’t want to sit on the computer! I am going to do this quick and head back out. This might have been the most beautiful 2 days I can remember!

Ok, but back to the hunt! This weeks prompts are Starts with U, Weeks Favorite, and In the Morning.


Starts with U makes me think of Udder. I am so excited for babies out these girls! This is Button. I am so very excited to see what she has! I am also pretty pleased with the udders she and Indi have! They are looking very good!


20160521_161026.jpgMy Weeks Favorite is of Chrome and Madelyn. I know he is old but then I see him coming down the road with this spring in his step and I just think he is gorgeous! Her smile basically sums up the happiness in this weeks favorite.

In the Morning. I have been working this week on finding and/or replacing my bird feeders.

2 in the Cedar tree.
Double Suet Feeder in the crab apple tree
Hummingbird, seed, and suet feeder
Feeder the kids made in the lilac bush


Hummingbird, seed, jelly feeder and oriole feeder by the bay window

You may wonder what in the world this has to do with morning? I love having bird feeders because I get to watch my beautiful visitors in the Morning!


This oriole has been here every morning! We had a hummingbird visitor this morning but I wasn’t fast enough with my camera! I love when the birds come and I can have the windows open and listen to their singing.

Please feel free to stop over at Eden Hills and see everyone’s Friday’s Hunts. They are always so creative!

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.21

  1. I love the U! It’s certainly exciting to have a good udder on a goat! The picture of Madelyn and Chrome is great! They both look pretty happy. Lots of great attractions for the birds. I have been afraid to put any feeders out with seeds since I have yard goats. I’ve still seen a lot of finches up by the house. Thanks for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

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