Yeah, more of the same.

Today was a little broken up. Mom and I started the day by running to get a load of seed beans for Brother before the weekend. The I got a little bit of work done around here before we headed to the Elementary Track and Field day.


Denton at the football throw.

Denton loves track and field day! He won 1st in the standing broad jump and the 50 yard dash!


Running fast!

Niece#4 was also in track and field day. She won the high jump and got 2nd in her class in the 60 yard dash. In the fourth grade they have also have a 4 X 100 meter relay. Each section puts their 2 fastest girls and 2 fastest boys in it. They run for the Golden Shoe trophy! This is very important to the kids and I think even more so for bragging rights for the teachers!!

Neice#4 was in 3rd when she got the baton.


When she came around the curve, she was in first.



Yeah, they won the Golden Shoe Trophy! She was so excited!

Back to the barn I go!


Remember all that stuff I said was on my shelves that I sent home with Mom for Brother? This is my new storage place. Ignore all the cobwebs. It’s an old barn, I can’t win that fight.


I think I have enough stuff on the rabbit cages to keep the escape artist chicken from pooping on them anymore.


Got the ‘work bench’ cleaned off and cleaned under.


This is the shelving unit I am keeping. It’s not really organized but I know where most of the stuff is, so that counts, right?


This is the next problem area I am going to work on tomorrow. You wouldn’t know it, because I was embarrassed to take a before picture, but this morning you could barely walk through here this morning! I need to be able to get through not only to feed and get to my hay mow, but also be able to get the wheel barrow through to clean out pens. That’s the next project after I get this cleaned up. I am slowly but surely making process!

I did get an exciting visitor! I finally have an oriole coming to my feeder! They are one of my favorite birds and I was so excited to it singing this morning!


Now I am just waiting on my humming birds to come back.

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