Just another day

Basically, today was just like yesterday. I worked around the yard and the barn until I had to leave to go to baseball games. I think that is probably going to be my schedule until further notice!


First of all the bunnies! Here you can get a good look at all 9. Yes, we lost one that was very little. But 9 big healthy bunnies is fine with me.


Look at this udder! I can’t get a picture of Indi’s because anytime I am around she comes running to me to see if I have a treat!


Ransom is growing into such a handsome young man. I can’t wait to use him this fall and see what he can do. Blaze is still visiting a friends farm doing his buck thing!


Update on my experiments. This is the grass I am growing in the chicken pen for the ducks and chickens. There is a lot of growth in there! I am excited that this one worked. As for the celery I was trying to grow back. Yeah, that didn’t work out. They grew a little, but then the bottoms got very soft and kind of started to stink. I feed them to the chickens. Oh well. May just have to grow some in the garden.


Unless you know who is who, you can’t tell which dog is the 4 month old puppy. Piper is growing like a weed and definitely loves being outside and being lazy in the shade. She also loves when the other two can play with her. They like hanging out together in the goat pen. The big girl goats are tolerating Piper, but they aren’t thrilled with the other two being around.


Besides working in the barn, I got more mulch and put some around my hostas under the cedar tree. Grass has never grown there anyway and weeds tend to cover up the hostas I planted. Maybe this will help.


I only have 6 more flowers to plant. Not sure what I want to do with them? Maybe another container? I did find this pitcher in the barn and decided to us it in my flower garden. Now I have to get the mulch put down here.


Got my golden flame honeysuckle planted and I think I need to be dine planting in this garden. It’s full enough for me. As you can see it really needs more mulch this year. I really thought last year when I expanded it, it was going to be plenty big enough, but at the rate with which my magnolia bush is growing, I think it will need expanded or just to be this size and be done adding things.


Got my hanging baskets for the fairy house up. I made the hooks from #9 wire and I think they turned out pretty neat. I also set out my little table and stools. Not sure it will withstand Piper who loves to run through this particular area!


As for the barn project. I got my saddles and stand moved. I also go the shelves that are staying somewhat organized and my feed and bedding moved out the middle of the walk way. I actually found the floor! Still have more to do, but I am still trying to decide what I want to do about storing feed and where to put things so I can through easier to clean out the interior pens more regularly. Still have a lot to do, but it is getting there. I can’t wait to finally have some more space.

Well of to work I go. We have a couple things to do this morning and then we have elementary track and field day so I better get moving!


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