In the Barn

Until I go back to work full time, I am really trying to get somethings done around here. Every year over the winter the barn kind of falls apart. My ‘super’ organizational skills lose to the cold and what a mess. I have also decided that I don’t need some of the things that I am storing so out it goes!

First off, we have to check in with the littlest members of our barn.


Day 5 and we are sure starting to see the white coming! Eyes are still closed and Mommy is still crazy protective. They grow so fast, I decided to make a page just to show their daily progress. You can check it out by going to the top of the page and clicking Our Rabbits page. Under that is Babies!


This is one of the things going. Shelves really just give me a place to set crap. SO they are leaving. My escape artist chicken continues to sit on top of the rabbit cages(and then poops on the rabbits), so I decided to put my extra animal cages and rabbit supplies on top of the rabbit cages to deter her from hiding up there. I will show you how that is looking when I get everything organized.

As time carries on with a speed that I cannot keep up with, we should be having baby goats soon. You may remember I put Indi, Button, and Janet in the kidding pen. Yesterday I kicked Janet out. I am starting to think she is just fat? But who knows. I am certain Button and Indi are going to have babies! Their little bags are filling up and things are starting to look loose! I made some adjustments to their pen.


First off, the wire panel that I put up when I built the kidding pen works great for goats, and horses, calves, dogs and pigs. But NOT kids. They squeeze right through. I had put a piece of wire (like chicken wire) across the bottom to keep little guys in, but that had been smashed down by the does standing on the panels. So this was the first adjustment. I just happened to be storing this piece of plywood in the barn. After measuring, would you believe that is was the exact length and size I needed? I drilled 4 holes in it and wired it to the panel and the screwed in to the post at the end. Stand away girls, you can’t smash this down!

Next I had to figure out a way to separate the two does so they can have some privacy.

Brother gave me 3 of dads little hog gates that are way to flimsy for cattle. But they work lovely for goats!


Of course they aren’t long enough to just use one. I could wire to the panel on this side. On the other side there wasn’t any thing to wire a gate up to, so I put 3 fence staples into the wall and wired it up to that. Don’t they look happy?


I tried to get a picture of Button’s udder! I can’t believe how cute and full it looks. They are at most on day 143 today. Goats gestation is usually right around 155 days. I try to not to get to antsy but I am really excited to have some babies on the ground! They both look like their tummies have dropped, but goats, like any animal can trick you into thinking any time and then you are running out checking them hourly and 2 weeks later they finally do something!

After all of this I also tilled the entire garden, and had 3 baseball games last night. Today, Niece#2 is running at the state track meet! Busy time around here. I have to get this barn done so I can get the rest of the pens cleaned out and straightened up. I still have one pen outside to build and a door to figure out how to put in the wall of the barn. That may be what I work on today. I hope the sun is shining where you are!

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