Vets Home

For the last 5 or so years I have spent a Wednesday in May at the Iowa Vets Home in Marshalltown doing their Jerry’s Farmyard, a petting farm for the residents and local school children. Today was that Wednesday.

Of course, today we were under the threat of severe storms and so because of the forecast they set up inside. This was new, but the petting farm must go on.

Jersey went with us, along with Bugs and George. And all 3 guinea pigs.


A bunny from another farm, and Josie the Weiner Puppy.


Ginger and Junior went along for the day.


There is always the chickens, and Piper joined us.
An adorable baby calf came.
The pigs who joined us for the day.
And it wouldn’t be Jerry’s Farmyard without Captain an Pearl!


We have gotten to know a few of the regulars. There is a few of us that come back every year. Captain and Pearl and their owners have been there every year for as long as we have been coming. They even go in the elevators and visit floors that the residents can’t get out and visit the petting farm. They are the best ponies I have ever been around!

Madelyn sharing George with a resident.
Some of our younger guests waiting to pet a pig.
Volunteers from an FFA club came and held animals for the residents to pet. Here is where Ginger spent the better portion of her day.


Sometimes you have to hold your rabbit and your lamb!
Madelyn and the FFA girls sharing the animals with guests.
Meeting Captain.

The residents love this day and we hear a lot that it is one of their favorite days also. Their smiles and shared stories of when they were kids or when their kids were young and the animals that they raised. Many of them grew up on farms and raised many different types of animals themselves. This is what I love about the day!

Everyone, including the animals were very tired at the end of the day. Piper was so good all day, but she kind of struggled to find a comfortable place to lay down and take a nap.

Maybe I should climb over to the back seat.
I don’t know maybe up here there is something.
Yes up here might do.
Found it.
Yup, perfect.

Not sure Madelyn thought it was perfect as Piper did, but when your 40 pound puppy is tired and wants to lay somewhere, what can you do?

It was a wonderful day, and thankfully we didn’t get much for rain and no severe weather here. I love going to the Vets Home. It is special place full of special people. Visit or volunteer sometime if you can.

















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