Just another Tuesday

Well my morning didn’t start out the way I thought it should. JD went a visiting again.

Not a sight that makes me happy

This time he head butted the water tub I was using to keep his hay dry into the electric fence. Guess I will take those out.

I checked on Gina, she is due any day, I think we might be in luck!

Pulling fur is a good nesting sign

No one else is showing any signs of expecting. I am a little frustrated with that.

Then I took a walk to check on flowers and the garden and the rain gauge. We got 0.5″ this round, with more expected tomorrow.

Radishes, Beets, and Kale
Baby Peas!
Landon’s Popcorn Patch
Onions with Cabbage, and Broccoli in the background.
Strawberry Patch (rabbit poop did them well!)
Finally! A potato plant coming through.

I also wanted to check on the containers I planted on Sunday.

My water tank.
Old Chicken Feeder, have to add a few more, just not sure what yet.
There is a bucket under there.
Old water kettle.





Over all, I think the amount of rain has been good for what is growing so far. I hope we don’t see the severe weather they are talking about for Wednesday.

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