Mothers Day

Mom went to spend Mothers Day with her Mom. Grandma is 95 so it’s good for her spend time with her. Since she was gone we spent the day at home. Hubby had to work most of the day so it was just me and the kids.

I am sure they thought they could just relax, since it is a ‘holiday’! HAHA! I had other plans. We did laundry, cleaned and worked outside.

Putting up pole bean fence
Setting posts
Hoeing a row, while brother impatiently waits for him to play
Planting pole beans

This Landon’s 4-H garden. His popcorn is up already. Today he planted his pole beans, bush beans, carrots and lettuce.

Trying to take pictures of the horses and about to be attacked!

I think I have a cow horse.

Chevy after JD
These two play constantly.

I even got to man the grill since Hubby was gone.

Parmesan Shrimp Sirloin, cheesy hashbrowns and mushrooms, and JimBob’s most excellent baked beans.


I didn’t do to bad, we were all stuffed. Even sent some to Hubby at work. I did get one beautiful gift that Denton was pretty proud of.


He brought this home from school for me along with a card about me. I think these are the best kinds of gifts. I don’t need fancy expensive things. A day spent with the people who made me a mom is the best gift I could possibly receive.

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