Sounds (or Sights) for the soul

My mom has always had the most beautiful way with words. She said this about the sounds of spring…”The sounds early in the morning, birds singing, geese calling, calves looking for their mothers, beautiful sounds. Sounds for the soul.”

She honestly couldn’t be more right. They are sounds for the soul. They are good for the soul. I needed spring to come. I look so forward to the beautiful sights and sounds of this amazing season. For watching the earth come back to life after a long grey winter. So today, enjoy a few sights for you soul.








Yeah, I needed that. I hope everyone is enjoying this Mothers Day. I am so blessed to have a beautiful mother, inside and out. I am also blessed to still have my wonderful Grandmothers, who are 95 and 92 years young.

Being a mother is the greatest blessing that I have in my life. I try to be sure to count my blessings everyday, but today I will sit back and bask in the glory of this beautiful blessing today.

4 thoughts on “Sounds (or Sights) for the soul

  1. Yes, a beautiful expression of your mother! And Mothers day is a great reminder of the blessing a mother can give to children (whether young or old).
    The ways in which I translate sounds of the soul is that happy feeling when I see flowers or leaves budding all over:):) Love the photo you included for SEASONS! Thank you so much and enjoy your week!


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