Friday’s Hunt v1.19

This week for Friday’s Hunt our prompts are the Letter S, Weeks Favorite, and Smile. It has been a busy, beautiful week and I have gotten a bunch of things done! I think the animals are fairly happy with some of the progress.

For the Letter S there is Scarlett.


I love this lady. She came to us from our wonderful host of Friday’s Hunt at Eden Hills as a bottle kid 3 years ago. Landon raised her and showed her as a bottle kid at the 4-H fair. She can be the sweetest girl, but she is also the herd queen so has her bossy moments. Last year she had twins, Herbert and Janet. I am hoping for twins again because she is such an excellent mother. Maybe this year she could have red with spots? Just saying that would be nice Scarlett!

For Weeks Favorite, I was taking a walk through the pasture to see why my electric fence wasn’t working. JD of course followed me. I think I found out why he bellers all the time. He wants me to be out there with him. As long as I am a few feet from him, he is very quite. Anyway, when I turned to head back to the house, I looked over my shoulder to see where he was (read-make sure he wasn’t running up behind me to head butt me) I realized he watching next door. Neighbor farmer spent most of the day hauling cows and calves to pasture and they were running around across the hay field. How beautiful JD looked in the setting sun.

Watching wistfully

I love sitting down at the end of the day and watching the animals browse around and enjoy their life. Nothing makes me smile more than watching them all be quiet and content.


Horses and goats happy

I love the view from my back yard.

Thank you for joining me again for Friday’s Hunt. If you would like to check out more of Friday’s Hunt, visit Teresa at Eden Hills.




10 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.19

  1. I love that long path and that lone goat on the horizon:) Great items for Fri Hunt!
    And hope to see you back between Sunday and Wednesday for Seasons! Hope to see you there with one of your goat’s photos (haven’t seen one yet, I think!) Have a great weekend:)

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  2. You know, if you ever decided to get rid of Scarlet, I’d take her back in a heartbeat as she is from my Princess Pam. She certainly does have herd queen genes running through her. 🙂 Love the picture of JD. It makes me miss my MJ. Is JD going to be around for a long time? Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. I do appreciate it.


    1. I love that she comes from good herd queen genes(say that 3 times fast). I think we will keep her for a while, she’s honestly to sweet. I am selling all babies this year. I really am. No seriously, not keeping any no matter how cute. I have to keep repeating that!
      With jd, who knows how long my genes can hold him. He’s been in the hay field twice :/


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