Doing more Redoing

So it was gorgeous again yesterday and today. I was at it again. Since I only have so much time to use the borrowed tools, I wanted to get everything done I needed to do with them.


I got both wooden posts set and all the t posts pulled and panels taken down.

What is this?


 We don’t generally keep geese, and we aren’t keeping these guys either. I think the parents are confused. They got themselves in a corner and could not seem to figure out a way through. I shut the dogs up, and herded them back out into the empty yard. They continued on through the front yard.


They headed out in the street! Luckily that guy in the truck just happened to be Hubby. He saw them and me and stopped to let them pass. I think the parents are a little confused. Not sure they no where they are going!

Of course I did have some help with most of my jobs.

JD the very useful calf.


I didn’t get a picture of him while he was standing right where I was working because I was chasing him out of the way. But I did have to laugh at him. Cattle love to reach through fences.

The grass is obviously better on the other side.


Even though this is what is on the other side of him.

I think there is enough grass for one calf in the pasture. But he tends to be a typical difficult calf.


Dang it. I guess it is finally time to get out a new pair of gloves. Maybe it’s time I let these two pairs go?

My daughter thinks I have a problem.


The dogs were also a big help today.


If taking breaks and laying around are considered help!


Piper went to the vet again yesterday to finish up her puppy shots. She is now 37.1 pounds and has her very own rabies ID tag. She did a lot better riding in the truck, but still wants to lay on my lap, which isn’t going to work much longer! Her personality is so sweet and I love her just a little more each day.

My day yesterday ended with 2 baseball games watching my two favorite players

Denton’s PeeWee team won their game.
Landon’s Minor team won their game also!

It was actually a little chilly to sit out in the wind and watch baseball, but the boys were excited and had a great time, so that makes it worth it.

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