Apparently I change my mind. A lot. When we first bought this place, I made a 7.5 acre pasture for my horses. Then I realized how freaking expensive hay is, so 1st mind change, 5 acres went into hay. I made a 2.5 acre pasture attached to my lot with electric fence between the hay field and the pasture. Skip ahead to mind change #who knows really, and I decide I need goats! My goats DO NOT respect electric fence.

Some days when I just had the horses, I would forget to even turn it on. They never once messed with it. The goats, well, they don’t even test to see of its on. They just put their heads down and race under it, through it, whatever into the hay field.

So all this leads up to replacing my electric fence with woven wire and electric fence between my hay field and pasture. Today was the beginning of phase one.

Then this guy comes into play.
First dig the hole with a spade.
Then you take this useful tool and dig a post hole.
It takes me a while, but thanks to Brother teaching me, I am a lot faster than I was last year.
Once you are deep enough, the post can be placed, held straight and the dirt tamped back in with a special tamping stick.






And you tamp, and tamp, and tamp.


I got one set and going to dig the other two tomorrow. I will have sore shoulders, but I will have done it myself.

The other project I am working on is building my “big” goat pen a little bigger. First things sort of first. A couple years ago, I made the “big” goat pen bigger, but I had no way to get the posts out. Again, thanks to Brother and his very useful tools, I removed the posts today!

Possibly the greatest invention ever!


You just push down and the post just comes right out.



Tomorrow, I start removing the fence and rebuilding it where it goes now.

I am so excited to get some of these projects done that I have been wanting to do. I think the animals will be pretty pleased too.

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